Pretty Prom Shoes

Hello Everyone! Valentines and Prom day is coming. Aren’t you excited? Your long time crush finally asked you out and you get too excited that you almost forgot what shoes is perfect for your dress. Uh-oh! Don’t worry I’m here to help you all the way! I recently got the chance to surf websites that could help me find my perfect shoes for my date and i can say that is the best so far. So let’s start by telling you my Top 3 picks!

Glitz and Glitters!

Rhinestone Decorated Stiletto Heels Closed-toe Women's Prom Shoes


Do you feel like your wearing a too simple gown? then wear a shoe with heel-to-toe beading, sequins, or shimmer. It will definitely brings life to your simple gown so rock the night away!

Wear The Comfy!

Solid Color Bowknot Decorated Women's Flats


It’s important to last throughout the evening without any blood or painful blisters on your feet so I’m rooting for this one. Simple yet very stylish. Go for bold colors if you are wearing a simple gown.  You can also go for comfy shoes that has glitters and stones to spice it up a little.

Strap it! 

Silvery White Peep Toe Strap Stiletto Heel Pumps(Plus Size Available)


Of-course we want our night to be accident and fall free right? If you are wearing a shoe with a high heel, be sure the shoe comes with ankle straps. The ankle straps will keep you secure and prevent any lost-shoe mishaps on the dance floor.

Have fun girls! And don’t forget to wear your best smile.