Mother of the Bride dresses.

More oftentimes, comfort takes top priority in looking for the right dress for the mothers of the brides. But what would you do if there’s a dress already. It fits, but it doesn’t at the same time. The dress doesn’t say anything about you, except that it isn’t you, and you’re in no way in comfort wearing the dress. However, you have to wear it still because it’s the bride’s wish. No worries, here are some tips to make that dress fit.

Match! Match! Match!

Delicate Lace A-line Empire Waist V-Neck 3/4-Sleeves Long Taline's Mother of the Bride Dress


One thing you could do is wear accessories which you feel comfortable to you but at the same time blends or matches with the dress you’re wearing. Wear a hat, or gloves, even trinkets, like rings and necklaces, and such, maybe even dyeing your hair, only to make you more comfortable and more connected to the dress. If the dress doesn’t feel comfortable, then divert the attention to your accessories. Make sure these accessories would be well coordinated with your dress to make a stunning turnout – from sham to glam. You can check this out:

State a mantra!
If the dress isn’t you, then be the dress. If you think the dress will never fit you, then maybe it’s time to have a different look into it. Have a more positive feel of the dress. Convince yourself that that dress you’re gonna wear is fabulous, and stunning. State mantras to make you more comfortable of your dress and yourself. It’s not about the dress but the way you carry yourself while wearing it. Have confidence with yourself. The bride will not make you wear something she thinks will not look good in you. Just breathe in. Relax. Feel that dress. And walk the walk, then you’re ready to go.

Remember the reason!

Gorgeous Lace A-Line Sweetheart Neckline 3/4-Sleeves Floor-length Taline's Mother of the Bride Dress
If you really can’t change your outlook with the dress, then just think about why you’re doing this anyway. Remember that it’s not about you, but your daughter. Try removing the pressure of having to fit in that dress and carrying it. Just relax, and enjoy. Comfort is soon to follow when stress is gone. Just maintain a comfortable proper posture. Smile. And remember, this is for your daughter. This is her day. And this is your gift.